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How to get Newsletter Signup to work in Template.VerticalNavigation (9.4)

Anybody know how to get the newsletter signup to display using the new 9.4 Template.VerticalNavigation topic?

When it is in the template.master this code works
<aspdnsf:NewsletterControl ID="NewsletterControl1" runat="server" />
but not in the topic.

asked Sep 27, 2013 in MultiStore by Vegarari (350 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Vegarari,

You can't add a control to a topic, but you could split that topic into two and add the control between where the new topics are being called in the template.  Not sure how well that would work but it's an option.

You could also put the contents of that topic in the template and incorporate the control into it.  You'd need to format the topic content to work in the template, e.g. where it calls xml packages.

Hope that helps.
answered Nov 15, 2013 by Vortx-Duncan (780 points)