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Topic disappearing from homepage

I have a topic that has disappeared from my homepage at www.pokershop.com
The topic is labelled homepage.Clearance.  It had been working fine for a couple of weeks then one day it was just gone.

I didn't touch the source code directly or do anything outside of the aspdotnet storefront admin section.  Here I had changed the header and image used on the topic, but again, it worked fine for weeks before disappearing.  Any ideas, I haven't been able to access my web.config file for some reason on my FTP and looking at the ASP admin side of things it looks  like this ought to be working.

asked Feb 11, 2014 in MultiStore by DQuay (145 points)

1 Answer

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The topic might have an error in the html where it just ignores it. it looks like you have a <div style="clear....  after the "check out our partner site

So, does this topic come right after the "check out our partner site"?

I'd check the topic. Send me the html of the topic...or for a test, just put "test" in the topic and save. see if you seee "test" on the page. Then you will know.

LOVE the site, btw. Did you design it?
answered Feb 13, 2014 by Mikecali (1,525 points)
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