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Just installed Guided Navigation while updating to, and reeeeally looking forward to switching over from Trib (Trib works fine, but styling options are limited .) We currently use Department (Section) as our main nav entity, and Category is our filtering attribute. Guided Navigation is currently set up the other way around, and there isn't currently an AppConfig to select which entity to use for filtering. Anyone know a quick way to adjust this, rather than completely swapping all Section and Category data?


Bill Imbrogna

frameitwaban.com/ MSx9.3.1.1
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Solved, I think!

guidednavigation.xml.config, line 192:

<xsl:param name="GuidedNavigationRoot" select="/root/EntityHelpers/Section" />

Changed "Section" to "Category" and I'm good to go (on the test site, at least.) I had also swapped Section and Category throughout guidednavigation.js, but at the moment it appears to have been totally unnecessary, as my test department is working with the original script.
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