(!xmlpackage name="entitymenu.xml.config" entitytype="category" !)
(!xmlpackage name="entitymenu.xml.config" entitytype="manufacturer" !)

I'm using the above code to populate a drop down menu and would only like to show the top 10 (by the sort order in the admin) of each entity.  I know there is a  setting for MaxMenuSize in the app config but i wanted to set it for individual entities as I call it with the code above.  Something like leave the Category at the default show all and limit manufacturer to 10.

I also noticed this code is ignoring the MaxMenuLevel appconfig.

The menu is being generated in a topic and we are using 9.4.

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Not out of the box, but one could create a simple XmlPackage doing what you need off the Entity Helpers.

Or, you could modify those entitymenu.xml.config to only show top x items by creating a conditional output based on the position of the loop ( xsl:if position() < 10 etc )...
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