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How do I stop Dotfeed from sending Unpublished Products?

It seems that when I pull my item list from Google it shows that Unpublished products have been sent. Do I have to create a rule to exempt them? If so what rule? Or is it in a AppConfig?
asked Mar 4, 2014 in Channels by wing43215 (130 points)
I am sure that the Feed should exlude these. I don't believe there is an App Config that controls the inclusion or exclusion of products.

As a test have youi tried changing a products value of

*Exclude from Product Feeds:

Maybe worth testing to see if this changes anything.

1 Answer

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DotFeed only pulls products with both the parent product and variant published.  Depending on where you're getting that list it could be products that were listed previously when those products were published (Google takes a while to update a lot of things), your feed could not be running/being fetched properly, etc.

Stuff like this is best approached through a ticket, so we can get some account information and take a look at your feeds.


answered Mar 5, 2014 by Vortx ScottS (13,500 points)