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Hello Mike,

I am facing the following issue. Can u please help me out ?
I have tried a lot but unable to fixed it issue.

I have 3 store: Default store, Store A and Store B.
I have mapped the Product by using "Managed Product->edit product->mapping and Store Mapping".
As well as, set entity using: "Configuration ->store maintenance->store mapping"
I set “Configuration ->store maintenance ->store mapping-. Global Configs
AllowProductFiltering = true
AllowEntityFiltering = true
AllowCustomerFiltering = true”
My issue is, whatever setting I have made for default store, it reflects on other store also. That’s why I am getting same menu navigation and product for other stores instead of showing different entity on different store.
I have cleared cookies, as well as restarted my system but the issue is not fixed yet.
I have checked some of Multistore articles, they r saying I need individual license for each and every stores. Is it right? Actually I am working on my local machine and I have 1 license key.
Please let me know how to fix the issue ?
Thanks in Advance.

Mar 13, 2014 by bikashm
Hello Mike,

I am using Tokens:SignInOut_Link, after login whenever I click logout it redirect to default.aspx. I need to set it on signin.aspx.


Please let me know how can I fix the issue?


Mar 10, 2014 by bikashm
Hello Mike,

Thanks for your replay.I have made some changes on :

<xsl:template match="/">
                <xsl:variable name="CustomerID" select="aspdnsf:CustomerID()" >

                <xsl:if test="$CustomerID != 0">
                        <siteMapNode title="(!menu.Home!)"  url="~/default.aspx">
                            <siteMapNode title="(!menu.Categories!)" type="category" />
                            <siteMapNode title="(!menu.Sections!)" type="section" />
                            <siteMapNode title="(!menu.Manufacturers!)" url="~/manufacturers.aspx" type="manufacturer" />
                <xsl:if test="$CustomerID = 0">
                        <siteMapNode title=""  url="">
By above change we can set top menu as per required but I am not able to filter the entity. Do u have any suggestion for that?

I am working on my local system after completing the 1st module ,We'll make it on live,Then I will send u the URL.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion .

Mar 7, 2014 by bikashm
Hello Mike,

I am facing some issues on customer level.
I would like to create some user group  and manage permissions, create limited menus and even customize the information available to each group.As well as I need my first page would be login page and after login we can get the home page that contains menu and other stuff(same as storefront multistore home page).

My question follows:

1. Can u please let me know how can I do this ?

2. Is it needs custom coding or only creating a new XML Package?

  a) For Custom code:What should I write the code?

  b) For custom Xml Package:Where I put the Xml Package and how I call it?

3. Can I create it using Customer level ? if yes can u please let me know, how can i set Menu as per customer level?

I need your help on it. Please let me know the answer.

Thanks in Advance.

Mar 7, 2014 by bikashm